Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A year ago, as I was preparing to move to Scotland to study Human Rights, my friend Mary told me about an organization called LiNK (Liberty in North Korea). LiNK runs rescue missions for North Korean defectors. They risk their lives to save these people, running from the horror in North Korea, and empower them to share their stories with a world who has known too little for too long.

I remember as a child, being fascinated with the Holocaust. My fourth grade mind couldn't comprehend how this could be history....how that kind of horror could have happened in the same world i live in. But it's happening still today. It's happening in North Korea...every.day. Something has to change.

It starts with people surviving to tell their story.

Please consider making a donation to support LiNK in doing the work that generations have said is impossible. Be a part of changing our history.

You can donate on my fundraising page, or donate on LiNK's homepage. Thank you!

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  1. how cool!! i was just thinking of you & your cool blog, and bam! LINK! I actually am tabling for link right now....hahah, it's downtime, which is why i'm on my laptop. but too cool!!! love link. they are great!


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