Friday, December 9, 2011

think of then...

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i remember when i was a little girl, my dad traveled a lot. he worked abroad in places like belize, bangladesh, china, panama, japan and korea. he would bring back treasures from each place that i would never ask for, but always quietly anticipate and hope for. but when he was in korea, he always knew what i wanted him to bring back. stationery.

even as a little girl i was fascinated with pretty papers. dad would sometimes bring back storybooks and i remember taking so much time with each page. i cherished my stationery kits and took my time with each word i wrote in those letters...careful to make sure my words were worthy of the fanciful and dear pages.

i spent this past september in seoul and on my free days went roaming the streets and taking hours in each little paper goods shop. it inspired me to try my hand at it.

so! paper goods line coming soon...

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  1. i love this. excited for the next phase of the biz!

    ps - every time my dad traveled he brought me back pens... I was obsessed with pens and erasers. sooo you make your stationery and i'll use my pens. like peanut butter & jelly, you & me. ;)


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