Monday, May 13, 2013

mother's day.

my darling dear room-mate commissioned me to do a custom piece for her mother...a lady who i adore and respect tremendously.  and this prayer was what her heart desired.  it was Jesus doing His work again, because i need this tattooed on my heart...which always for me, starts with putting it to nib and ink.

Dear Lord, you once said, 
"The will of him who sent me 
is that I should lose nothing 
of all that he has given to me."
These words are a source of consolation this day. 
They show that you are doing all that can be done 
to keep me in your love. 
They demonstrate that indeed
you entered this world to save me,
to free me from the bonds of evil and sin, 
and to lead me to your Father's house. 
They reveal that you are willing 
to struggle against the strong powers
which pull me away from you. 
Lord, you want to keep me, hold on to me, 
fight for me, protect me, help me, support me, 
comfort me, and present me to your Father. 
It indeed is your divine task not to lose me! 
And yet I am free. 
I can separate myself from you, 
and you will never take this freedom away from me. 
Oh, what a wonder of love, 
what a mystery of divine grace! 
Please, Lord, let me freely choose for your love
so that I will not be lost to you. 

Henri Nouwen

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  1. beautiful. you are so talented it's ridiculous.


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