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Monday, April 9, 2012

monique & martin.

invitation suite for the loveliest of people.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

marissa & joe.

marissa & joe! these two are sweet-hearts, and working with them was such a delight. they are certainly more refined and sophisticated than i will ever be, but it was so wonderful getting to know them, and trying to apply their sensibilities to my calligraphy. i think the end result was a happy treat for all, and i'm so humbled to have been a part of their preparations. i hope they can look at these invitations for years to come and remember their special day. a hip hip hooray for you two. cheers!

Friday, February 10, 2012

leslie & jon.

so a couple months ago, i got a really fun phone call from a special lady named leslie. after a long and hilarious conversation about our mutual pizza love (true story), we decided we'd work together to try to make some really special paper goods for her & jon's wedding celebration in brooklyn. i love working with these two, because i have suspicions that we have similar steez-loose, a little undone, but hand-crafted and heart-loved. i'm working as we speak on their invites, but here's their PDF save the date! come back soon for their invites. magic is a 'brewin!


Friday, July 29, 2011

logo work.

logo/branding work is some of my favorite! the girls at paper dates recently hired me to work on theirs. this is the magic they made with it...

check them out. here.

Monday, March 28, 2011

darling holly's save the dates!

holly was kind enough to let me use these photos of her save the dates from her blog. it was such a pleasure working with her and i'm so excited to see what how her wedding turns out! so honored to have been a small part of her plans.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

cam & katie.

these cutes are cam & katie. i remember this one night...sitting on katie's couch with her and talking about cam. she was telling me about how she loved cam so much...but as a friend...and i giggled inside...knowing that if she were me and i were her, there'd be so much more clarity for her to see...that she love loved cam. i could see it so clearly that night, but little birdie needed to discover that love for herself. and she did! unfortunately i didn't get to be there to celebrate these two lovely hearts but i smiled multiple times that rainy glasgow, thinking about my two friends saying yes to each other for eternity. so thankful for the kind of love you two share. and very glad i got to be a small part of your day. here is their escort card display...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

nicole & dan.

i somehow have never posted these gorgeous photos, but i had the privilege of being a part of another wonderful carter & cook wedding. i simply love working with those girls. they have big hearts and a really strong work ethic which must be such a blessing to their brides. this time they had huge plans for nicole & dan's dessert table & escort card display. they did a great job and like i said, i am SO thankful to have been a part.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

kelli & sam in vintage glam.

my heart could explode when i think of these two lovely beings. i'm so out of control blessed to be a part of their lives. kelli & sam are so living their life with radical and inspiring abandon to Papa and they love doing it. they were married back in november but krystel at couture events coordinated this lovely day to celebrate them all over again. the girls at joielala did a beautiful job of capturing them. sam is a camera shy boy. i totally get it. i run from any camera pointed my way. but he still looks adorable and completely in love with sweet, kind, precious kelli. who can blame him...

oh yeah, and i got to do some calligraphy for it. ha. i almost forgot because i got overwhelmed with talking about two of my absolute favorite people. this sweet shoot was featured on style me pretty yesterday!

photography: joielala photographie
coordination: couture events sd
florist: exquisite blooms
jewelry: liz law
hair accessories: rachel larraine
stationary: dear darling
hair: christine colwell
makeup: dana of think pink
linens: a perfect table
gown: kelli's own by san patrick
locations: viggilucci’s, babycakes, horton grand hotel
getaway dress: sarah seven
shoes: badgley mischka

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

sneak peak

at a project i worked on with the wonderful esther kim at my bride story. she brought kevin & ashley's special day to life. here are just a few pictures, courtesy of esther.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

molly + donovan.

molly and donovan are very dear friends of mine. before i met dono, i heard stories upon stories from different people about how epic he everything he did was just plain crazy. i heard that he jumped off balconies into pools, partied harder than anyone, and was usually responsible for the chaos. so when i finally met him, i had expected a riot. instead he was peaceful and friendly, and i....was confused. i went back to the friends who had told me all those stories and told them i must have met a different donovan. their response..."you did. you met the molly-donovan." i slowly got to know donovan, and found him to be one of the most kind-hearted and loyal people i've ever known, and looking towards this marriage, my heart grows full thinking of the life he's building and the man he's becoming for a girl he loves.

since then, i've had the honor of getting to know molly. people are always surprised when i tell them that molly and i are such good friends. i get it. on the surface, we're pretty different. but in some ways, molly and i understand each other much better for that very reason. molly has turned out to be someone who is sometimes the only one i can talk to about some things. in the aftermath of enveloping heartbreak, molly sat with me on the porch of our favorite restaurant and let me cry, shared her words with me when i ran out, and told me tomorrow could be different. i adore molly. and i'm so grateful for her friendship. i'm wowed at the girl she's been for that boy, and the wife she'll become for that husband.

these invitations mean more to me than pretty writing and paper. they mean the funnest weekend that Palm Springs has ever seen because of m & d's beautiful journey that will be celebrated with complete abandon by so many of us.

lovely molly had a strong vision for what she wanted. she had a good idea for what these pieces were supposed to look like, and i think we got it to look pretty close to what she pictured. and p.s. if you're ever in need of a make-up artist, molly's your gal!

i have to admit that this one with the pictures is one of my favorite pieces. the text reads: "there once was a young boy who grew up in the dirt. hundreds of mile away from a girl who knew only the sea. they would each live, learn and grow. they would find their own ways, but to each other that would one day lead. their paths would grow more and more together until one day the boy would drop to his knee to ask...dear girl. will you marry me?"
thanks to molly & dono, for letting me be a small part of their dreams for this day.